Applied Machinery Sales

Applied Machinery Sales exclusively offers Ormig Lift and Carry Cranes (or Pick and Carry Cranes) with lifting capacities from 5.5 tons to 60 tons with diesel engines, electric motors or a combination of both diesel and electric power.

The Ormig cranes are un-matched in performance and reliability. These remarkable cranes are used for moving loads in industrial applications, both indoor and outdoor, where it is required to lift and move a load. These cranes do not require the use of outriggers in order to lift and move the full rated load capacity of the crane. The Ormig line of Lift and Carry Cranes are front wheel drive with rear wheel steering. Other features include reduced overall dimensions, high performance and ease of operation. An assortment of options including jibs, winches, enclosed cabs and a lot more are available.

Applied Machinery Sales also exclusively offers Kegiom Mini Crawler Cranes (or Spider Cranes) with lifting capacities from 3,300 lbs to 11,000 lbs. and a maximum hook height of 52 ft.

These extremely versatile cranes range in size from being able to fit through a single door way, or into an elevator, to being able to fit through a double doorway. The Kegiom cranes are available with diesel engines, electric power or a combination of both diesel and electric power. These Mini Crawler Cranes are designed to be used in very confined spaces where normal cranes cannot operate. Kegiom also offers an Electric Pick and Carry Crane with a lifting capacity of 2,600 lbs. An assortment of jibs and winches are also available to increase the versatility of the Kegiom Mini Crawler Cranes as well hand held remote controls.

For more information on both of these two product lines:
please call 704-552-8180 or fax 704-552-8199.